What are Sustainable Insights?

Ask yourself the following question….

Would my customers recommend my products or services to their friends or colleagues?

If you’re an executive responsible for a revenue line, you have to know the answer to that question… and you have to know what it would take to improve the likelihood of them recommending your brand.

Does your small or medium-size business provide professional services?

If you own or manage a business that provides professional services, intangibles can make all the difference. And that’s where I can help.

Very quickly, usually within days, you can implement a program that will have customers answering these questions in a format that will help you develop strategies to improve and grow your business.

Truly ‘sustainablestrategies come only from market-based ‘insights‘. That means, they come from your customers or clients directly.

I specialize in marketing strategy, research and consulting.

With 20+ years experience, I can provide the guidance and expertise to find and build on powerful insights from your customers and propects.

Get decades of experience — without all the overhead.

Not only will you work directly with me, you’ll avoid the fees of a larger firm. See my services.

Do you provide advertising, marketing or research services to your clients?

In addition to working directly with my own clients, I often partner as a ‘Consultant’ or ‘Adviser’ on projects that require capabilities not currently available in your firm.

Contact me now to find out how you can quickly know much more about your markets.

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